A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Onlove, an in-development RPG set in an MMO about two girls who meet, end up hanging out a lot, and eventually explore their relationship and personalities.

For now, the game is played with Z to interact and the directional pad to move, though I do hope to add more controls for other keyboards.

In the future, I would like the game to feature multiple endings in more ways than just the main characters and how their relationship ends up. I want this game to feature passive, almost unnoticeable decision making. The first example of me exercising this is the potion shop's owner. She isn't done yet, but she already features two outcomes for completing the quest requirements. There's a way to do the quest without getting paid any gold for it.

She's all that's in the game at the moment, but I have a lot of stuff planned for this ongoing project of mine. I didn't get to finish the demo because of a few family issues, but I knew from the start that I wouldn't be able to finish the full game within a month anyway,even without distractions. It was my plan from the start to simply start the project so that I would work on it from now on.

If you'd like to support me as I attempt to make stories like this, consider supporting me on Patreon, otherwise you'll be able to find updates on my various social media; Twitter, Tumblr, my Forum, and Youtube channel (I'll post the most in depth updates on my forum).


Onlove v0.003.exe 188 MB